Changes in Hydrocodone product prescribing rules

Effective October 6, 2014, hydrocodone-containing medication will become Schedule II prescriptions.  The impact of the new, more restrictive rules is as follow –

New prescriptions must be hard-copy and signed each time you need a refill

Refills of Class II prescriptions are not allowed by federal law

Physicians will not be able to fax prescriptions to pharmacies

We understand these new rules will cause inconvenience.  In order to make this transition as painless as possible, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours to have a written prescription ready for pick up.  Dr. Cunnar or Karla will not be able to refill Schedule II prescriptions after hours or on weekends.

What prescription drugs are included in Schedule II?

Vicodin  •  Oxycodone ER  •  Norco  •  Oxycontin  •  Hydrocodone/APAP  •  OxyIR

Percocet  •  Duragesic  •  Oxycodone/APAP  •  Fentanyl  •  Morphine IR

Hydromorphone  •  Morphine ER  •  Dilaudid  •  MS Contin  •  Tylenol #3  •  Roxanol

Acetaminophen/Codeine  •  Oxycodone IR

Thank you for your patience as we all adjust to these new regulations.