Q: Are we accepting new patients?
A: We are always accepting new patients. Please refer to our New Patient Info page for more information.

Q: Does your practice treat children and elderly?
A: Yes, we do. We  treat all ages including newborns, toddlers, adolescents, teenagers, adults and seniors.

Q: What do I need to bring to my appointment?
A: If you are a new patient, head over to our New Patient Info page for all of our forms online. We ask that every patient present their insurance card(s) at the front desk for billing verification purposes. Other items to bring to your visit include your current prescriptions, allergy information, medical and family history, immunization records, required physical forms and monthly health logs such as blood pressures, glucose readings and pill counts.

Q: I forgot to ask the physician a question while I was in the room. How can I ask the doctor a question after my visit?
A: We get this question all the time. We recommend that before your visit you write down all of your concerns on a note card in preparation for your office visit. This not only helps you organize your own thoughts, but will ensure that all of your questions are addressed the day of your visit. If for some reason you still have a question for the physician we suggest you message the physicians through the Patient Portal, email the physicians, or call our office directly and ask to speak with a nurse.

Q: I emailed my physician, but I have not received a response back yet. How long should I wait for a response to my email?
A: Both Dr. Cunnar and Karla receive many emails every week from our patients. We believe that every patient deserves our full attention and time to address their concerns. If you have not yet received a response we ask that you please wait 1-2 weeks for the physicians to get back to you. Also please do not email anything that is urgent or time-sensitive. We ask that for urgent matters you please contact the office directly or dial 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency.

Q: The physician did not hand me a prescription at my visit. How will I get my medications filled at the pharmacy?
A: We send most of our prescriptions to pharmacies electronically by a process called E-scripting. Our office is capable of E-scripting, faxing prescriptions or printing them for you to bring to your pharmacy. If the physician did not hand you a paper prescription chances are we sent it over electronically. If you have questions about how your prescription was sent to the pharmacy contact the front desk for assistance.

Q: When will I receive my lab or diagnostic imaging results?
A: We will communicate results of all testing usually within 48 hours of receipt. If you have not heard back from us within 7 days regarding test results, please call our office. You can also check your test results online through the Patient Portal.

Q: I have a question about a billing statement I have received. How can I get in touch with the billing department?
A: You can contact our billing department directly at 630-778-4748. If someone does not answer that line please leave a message with a phone number to contact you at and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Q: Where is the office located? How can I get directions to your office?
A: We are located at 2272 W. 95th St., Ste. 325, Naperville, IL 60564. We are located just East of the Nequa Valley High School. Please refer to our Hours & Directions page for more information about how to find our office.

Q: The office said I should fast for my next visit. How long should I fast for?
A: We ask that you fast for a total of 12 hours. You may drink as much water as you would like before your appointment. You may also have one cup of black coffee or black tea the morning of your appointment. If you take prescribed medications you can take them as you normally would the night before and the morning of your appointment unless otherwise directed by your physician. We usually do not ask patients who have afternoon visits to fast unless they choose too.

Q: I am scheduled for a physical exam soon, but I just started my period. Do I need to reschedule my physical appointment?
A: Yes, we ask that you contact our office to reschedule your physical if you require a pap exam at your physical.

Q: I have been locked out of my Patient Portal account. What should I do to get access to my portal account?
A: Please call the office directly if you have been locked out of the portal by too many attempts to login and we will unlock your portal account and reset your password.

Q: I do not have my child’s sports or school physical form. Where can I obtain this form?
A: The Illinois sports and school physical forms can be obtained online at our New Patient Info section. If you are attending a college or require a form that is specific to one institution, please contact them directly to obtain the form before your office visit. Many colleges have the option to obtain physical forms by downloading them online.

Q: My son/daughter is under the age of 18. Do I need to be present in order for my child to be seen by the physician?
A: Because your son/daughter is legally a minor we cannot treat them without the expressed consent of their guardian. We ask if you are unable to accompany your child to their appointment that you give written consent for your child to be treated by our office at the time of their visit.

Q: Does the office remove stitches and staples?
A: Yes, we remove stitches and staples. If our office administered the stitches or staples then removal is included as part of the surgical process. If you had your stitches or staples administered originally by a different office then we can remove them, but the visit requires an examination of the wound area by our physicians. You are responsible for any costs incurred for removal of stitches and staples that were not administered by our office.